Saturday, May 24, 2008

Responses to Burma and China

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines has called for prayers and donations for Burma and for China. The Philippines is a nation that is familiar with the fury of tropical storms and as the largest catholic nation in the areas they feel especially moved by these twin tragedies.

The nation is sending a 30 person medical team to Myanmar. The team will be there for two weeks.

There are indications that Americans are experiencing “disaster fatigue” and have been less generous with aid then in past disasters. However, Operations Blessings is an exception. They are on the ground providing critical services and at home in the U.S. they are actively coordinating relief efforts from collection to distribution.

We are lucky, we have many choices when it comes to helping. Sending money, sending prayers, working with local Burmese communities or supporting agencies that are doing the work provides us with a great deal of flexibility. What we cannot afford to do is act as if these are not our brothers and sisters in need.

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