Monday, May 5, 2008

The Time for Peace Is NOW

25 years ago the U.S. Bishops published The Challenge of Peace: God’s Promise and Our Challenge. Today that challenge continues. The world has clearly changed. Instead of a bipolar world divided between the Democracies and Communism we live in a world with one super power and many struggles. The struggle to address problems together is among the many challenges we face. This was addressed by the Pope during his visit to America last month.

Other challenges are too easy to count: unrest due to lack of food, the wars of intolerance and wars of the fanatics, civil wars, genocide and ecocide. The challenge of the bishops cries out to us this day.

The Peace Pastoral was a call for Christians to stop the Cold War. Today, from May 2nd until May 11th we are called upon to pray again for peace. We are called to pray individually, as families, fraternities, as churches, and as communities. We are called to renew our commitment to dedicating the church to peace.

So let us lean on one another and support each other’s efforts toward peace. Let us use our resources, Pax Christi, Franciscans International, Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice, the Catholic Peace Network, as well as our brothers and sisters from the east, the In Communion: Orthodox Peace network.

In the coming days I will highlight a different peace initiative or organization from other denominations. Please share your prayers for peace and your favorite organizations working for peace at all levels.

25 years of preparation is just a beginning. NOW is the time to pray and work for peace.

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