Wednesday, May 7, 2008

United Methodists Praying for Peace

So, who else is working for peace in the name of the Prince of Peace? Well, the United Methodist Fellowship of course. From online courses, to documents, meetings, prayer meetings and conferences. Peace is more than a hope and peace-making is a shared responsibility. The goals of the United Methods are many, standing up for Nuclear Disarmament, to stop the War in Iraq and even more basic, making a foundation in which peace can flourish. The goals are many, the dedication is constant.

Remember, God of Peace,
the peoples of the world divided into many nations and tongues.
Deliver us from every evil that obstructs your saving purpose,
and fulfill your promises of old to establish your kingdom of peace.

From the curse of war and all that creates it,
O God, deliver us.

From Believing and speaking lies against other nations.
O God, deliver us.

From narrow loyalties and selfish isolation,
O God, deliver us.

From fear and distrust of other nations,
from all false pride, vainglory, and self-deceit,
O God, deliver us.

From the lust of the mighty for riches,
that drives peaceful people to slaughter,
O God, deliver us.

From putting our trust in the weapons of war,
and from want of faith in the power of justice and good will,
O God, deliver us.

From every thought, word, and deed which rends the human family
and separates us from the perfect realization of your love.
O God, deliver us.


(England, 20th cent., alt.)

So let us join our Methodist brothers and sisters in praying for peace.

This prayer is from the Massachusetts Council of Churches

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