Saturday, May 24, 2008

Moral Theology and Father John Perry

Well, one term over and another one started. Last term I was taking Systematic Theology. The readings were challenging. We read St. Augustine’s explanations of the Triune God. We read about methodology and about the First Seven Ecumenical Councils. Then I made my first attempt to write a paper that was not APA or MLA, noooo, it was Chicago Style. The last time I used footnotes Nixon was in the White Still. Still, I learned a lot.

Now I am taking Moral Theology. I have been collecting my documents for my presentation. I have decided to write on the Catholic position on torture. Last summer in Portland Oregon at the Catholic Collegium on Intellectual Life I had the great fortune of having Father John Perry as a member of my daily group. John is a Jesuit priest in Canada who is also an expert on modern slavery and on torture. So I picked up his book, Torture: Religious Ethics and National Security. The other texts are equally sobering and equally timely. A year later and I am still moved by John, still learning from him. Thank you Father John!

So the Theology classes are progressing. I am finding them challenging, exciting and at times frustrating. I am not sure what I will do with an M.A. in Theology but I do know I love what I am learning, most of the time. I know it helps ground me as a Pastoral Counselor. I know it adds to my understanding of historical movements when I teach the History and Systems of Psychology. I also know it has forever altered how I experience Mass. So, back to my homework.

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