Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Praying for Peace with Our Mennonite Brothers and Sisters

So, looking for an eclectic approach to peace and justice this week? Well look no further than the Peace and Justice Network of the Mennonite Church. Topics include Iran, Native Americans, Zimbabwe and of course Iraq.

I find myself drawn to Mennonites because of their social action. These are folks who support the Christians of the Middle East remain the type of Christians they are. They do not go over seas only to attempt to turn Christians into their model of Christianity. I suspect the Chaldeans are grateful for this.

These are the folks that work with whoever wants to work for peace. The goal is peace and not self promotion.

Cathi and I go to Goshen Indiana often. It is our favorite rural/small town art colony. It also is a Mennonite Center and with the 10,000 Villages Shop which sells fair trade items or their resale shop we always know our money is going to a good cause. And once the folks discover we are Franciscan the talk always turns to peace.

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