Sunday, November 23, 2008

America, Global Warming and Hope?

Both the in coming Congress and the new administration are planning to respond to the threat of global warming. After ignoring this problem for the last eight years but really for a much longer time, America appears ready to lead. However, can we? Do we have the will to say no to some industries while we face the gravest economic landscape since the Great Depression? If we do the difficult thing and say "yes" to real change it must be sold in terms of long term growth and improved quality of life.

What we don't need are arguments about the cause, man-made or cyclical. That will not save 1/3 of all mammal species. That will not save amphibians. That will not save Oceania. We don't have time for such petty and politically-based arguing. It will not save the planet.

One of the exciting changes is seeing Christians of various denominations now seeing caring for the earth as part of their responsibility in terms of "Good Stewardship." It was not that long ago that many environmentalists were shrugged off as "tree huggers" by those who felt their God-given job was to subjugate nature. I prefer our Franciscan approach, to love our brothers and sisters found in all creation. Then you don't worry about destroying a planet as you subjugate it because you are to busy caring for a wonderful gift from a generous Creator.

I will be addressing global warming and its impact on a regular basis. What I want to know right now is, what are YOU doing and what is happening in your are to help care for this wonderful gift?

Consequences of Global Warming APES Video

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