Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sharing in the Sorrow and Hopes of India

At this time the carnage in India continues. It is not clear if the terrorists are homegrown, extremists from Pakistan or have links to al-Qaida. It is not clear what the motivations are for the attacks. Clearly Westerners and the wealthy were targets. However, the attacks included hotels, train stations, restaurants, a night club and a hospital. The largest city in India has been terrorized for over half a day.

This reminds me of September 11th, 2001. After a while it was clear the collisions into the World Trade Center were not aviation accidents, America was under attack. What was not clear was who the attackers were and what they would do next. What was clear was that we had the support the most of the world. Our allies, trading partners and even traditional adversaries voiced their support for the United States. That support came in the form of official government statements but most movingly from the rallies of citizens around the world. I remember being most moved by citizen in Tehran coming together to share in our sorrow and express their support.

Now it is our turn. Our friend and trading partner, the largest democracy in the world has experienced a viscous attack. It is appropriate that both the President and the President-elect of the United States have condemned the attacks. It is time for the American people to express their solidity with India. Today we are all Indians sharing in the shock and sorrow of a nation and praying for the long road of healing to begin.

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