Friday, November 19, 2010

Faithing in Chicago: Holy Name Cathedral

So I have been visiting so many different churches since I have been in Chicago. I have been to Assyrian Apostolic Catholic Church of the East, a Coptic Church, Polish and Spanish Catholic churches, Ukrainian Catholic and Ukrainian Orthodox, Russian Orthodox and Chinese Catholic Mission churches. I have to local churches and churches that were the center of their neighborhood. Well, finally I went to Holy Name Cathedral. I live in Chicago 36 years and never saw it. I was here two years ago and it was in repair. I had been warned by friends I would probably not like how it looked. I have waited too long, my friends are wrong and this is a magnificent church.

Holy Name Cathedral

When I walked up to the church I immediately noticed their new doors. They are huge and inviting. I got excited just walking up the stairs. Once I stepped in side I had to catch my breath. It was incredible.

Holy Name Cathedral (my visit)

The ceiling was remarkable. It struck me as a very masculine church. I could not believe how huge it was. Finally, the organ was an unusual sight. It looked like something out of a fairytale. It was big, imposing and sounded great. In fact the church takes music very seriously.

Holy Name Cathedral II

The Mass was beautiful. The parishioners were friendly. The music was simply fantastic. I cannot wait to return again.

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