Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Fire Dancers

I was sitting at the table doing homework. I was frustrated because I just came back from the Gypsy church that did not exist. I was disappointed and then the phone rang. The questions was, “do you want to go see fire dancer?” Man, who would say no to that?

The Beginning of the Fire Dance

So I meet up with Nicole (Kaio 2008) and Joshua (Kaio 2009) and we walked over to Foster Beach area. You could see the dances from blocks away. You could also hear the drums. It was exciting just walking toward it.

Fire Dance II

The crowd was enthusiastic. People danced, took pictures and encouraged the fire dancers.

Former Kaio Members at Fire Dance

Josh and Nicole seemed to know people at every turn. I don’t know what was more entertaining to them, watching the dancers or meeting friends they had not seen in a while. I do know they were constantly laughing.

Fire Dance III

The crowd seemed to be made up of old hippies, skate boarders, and current “artsy” folks., It was a fun group.

Fire Dance IV

As the dancing continued we began to notice it was starting to rain. We all tried to ignore it. Tht only last a little while.

Fire Dance V

I did appreciate the safty cprecautions. There was police tape and an enclosed circle for the dancers. The Chicago Fire Department was present and the dancers all knew the rules to follow.

Chicago Fire Department at the Fire Dance

I loved the drums. When it finally did rain it was the drummer that saved the evening. Love the rhythm.

Drummers at the Fire Dance II

When the rains came down we all ran under the viaducts. It was a friendly and diverse crowd. I enjoyed the sights, sounds and conversations.

Avoiding the Rain, Gathering at the Underpass

When the rains stopped the dancer had left. However, the drummers were still there. So the event then turned into one big tribal dance. It was a fun nd interesting evening.

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