Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Visiting the State Capitol

Emmaus Ministries staff and guys attended the 19th Annual HIV/STD Conference in Springfield Illinois. We learned a lot. We met some interesting and hopefully useful folks in the field. However, we also had time afterward for a little site seeing. This included seeing the Illinois State Capitol Building.

Walking up to the building we knew we were in for a treat. The outside of the building is impressive and designed so that you look up toward it in awe. Onve inside we walked to the center of the building where we waited for a tour. Our tour guide was enthusiastic. Our first stop was the House chambers.

Illinois Capitol: House chambers

The Dome

As we walked over to the Senate Chambers I stopped to look up toward the dome. The art and the architecture in the building was wonderful. Next we entered the Senate. This was a beautiful room. I cannot imagine servng in this room and not having an exaggerated sense of self.

Illinois Senate Chambers

In the center of the building were statues of important participants in the life of the Capitol. I suspct that one day Obama will have a statue in this hall.

Illinois Capitol: statues

The next working room we went to was the original Supreme Court chamger. It is a wonderful room that today is used for committee work.

Illinois Capitol: Original Supreme Court Chamber

Playing tourist after a conference is a great way to end a conference and make sure there is still a semblance fo respite involved.

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