Monday, November 1, 2010

Teaching at Adler in Chicago

This has been a very good sabbatical. I have come into contact with a variety of different groups during outreach. I have had additional training outside of Emmaus Ministries. Additionally I have been able to use my free time to turn this into a spiritual pilgrimage.

An additional bonus has been the opportunity to teach Introduction to Individual Psychology (Adlerian Psychology) to graduate students at the Adler School of Professional Psychology. I received both my M.A. in counseling Psychology and my doctorate in clinical Psychology from this school. It felt good to “go home.” It was even more exciting because the school moved into their new building the second week of this term. The rooms, technology and location are great.

From my classroom I can look out and see skyscrapers, gargoyles, Lake Michigan and Millennium Park. I have a great group of students. It feels good to be teaching Adlerian Psychology. I will also be giving a presentation at Adler on Homeless Youth. Yep, it is good to be back home.

Adler Classroom

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