Thursday, November 18, 2010

Walking Along the Chicago River

I teach at the Adler School of Professional Psychology on Mondays. I love the cityscape views from my classroom windows. I love the walk to the Daley Plaza or to Lake Michigan. I am a brief walk to the Harold Washington Library or the Chicago Cultural Center. Across the street from there is the Art Institute of Chicago and Millennium Park. The walks after teaching are wonderful.

Recently I just walked by the river. I love all the bridges. I remember being part of a sailboat flotilla as 22 bridges opened up for us on our way to the lake.

Chicago River Walk Downtown Chicago

I love all the buildings. Some beckon back to the beginning of last century. Some are all slick and modern. I don’t know which I prefer, the ornate stone buildings or the tall steel and glass towers.

Chicago River Walk Downtown Chicago II

The riverfront is always full of activity. There are boats leaving and entering the lake. There are riverfront restaurants. There are people, all over the place thee are people. The Chicago River is a major transportation line. It connects the lake to the Illinois River and then the Mississippi River. It is important to industry and to tourism. And, as everyone knows, thanks to ingenuity it flows backwards! Chicagoans do not take their river for granted. They dye it green every March 17th. They have numerous boat tours on it daily. They pollute and then try valiantly to clean it up! I love this river and it is a great place to take a stroll!

Chicago River Walk Downtown Chicago III

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