Friday, May 22, 2009

Emmaus: Day Eighteen

I get up and go to Mass. Nothing special, just nice. I still enjoy the diversity of Uptown. Walking down the street one is confronted by accents from around the world, yuppies and homeless, different faiths and different dress. It is a fascinating neighborhood.

I get to the Ministry Center early. This is my day to cook for the guys. Last night I cut up a boatload of beef and had it marinating in a Korean sauce. Today I make Korean beef, beans and corn, ginger rice. We have left over German Chocolate Cake. It is a good lunch,

It is a high energy crowd today. It is cold out. People need help with their court dates, housing and just getting along with each other. However, these folks are receptive to advise. They are also free at giving it to us!

One of our staff members, the director, Sil attends court today. One of our guys was found guilty of a crime and Sil is there to be with him during his sentencing. It is this commitment over time and situation that earns the trust of our guys.

It is a busy day. Chris is writing a letter of recommendation for housing, contingent on the guys commitment to treatment in the community. Lenette is writing guys in prison. The guys are busy with their chores and finally there is prayer.

When the day is over I go up the Kaio Community and crash. I sleep for almost 2 hours. It is my last Friday night in Chicago and I think I will spend it resting.

That doesn’t mean there are not things to do. There is the 2nd biggest convention of the year for the city, the International Mr. Leather convention. There is also Bear Pride. If that is not enough Chicago is one of two cities sponsoring the Grabbys. They are sort of like the Grammys but only for the Porn industry. However, I am boring, I am staying in tonight!

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