Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Emmaus: Day Sixteen

I arrive at the Ministry Center only to be surprised. This has been a slow week. Yet the center is full. There are guys all over the place. Staff and volunteers are there. The guys are grilling meat for tomorrow.

Pam, a regular volunteer cooks for us. She makes BBQ pork, corn pudding, apple sauce, rolls, vegetable pizza, roasted potatoes, and a spinach, strawberry and sun flower seed salad. Afterwards she serves German Chocolate cake and a white cake with ice cream.

The guys are laughing, talking with staff. It sounds and feels like a holiday, a holiday with family members that you like.

The guys have worked on their goals. They do their chores. However, tonight there is a lot more teasing and joking between the guys and staff. I am glad I did not miss this evening.

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