Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Emmaus: Day Fourteen

I get up slow. I worked outreach until 3:00 AM. When I arrive down at the Ministry Center I am surprised. The place is full with our guys. Some a sick, some had really bad weekends. All are happy to be here.

They joke with us. They come in with serious goals to work on. This is not ordinary. I do not expect so much focused activity. However I don’t complain.

The guys talk one-to-one. They call their case managers, doctors, families. One guy reads scripture, another leads prayer. After dinner one of the guys plays the piano and sings while we work.

Many of the problems the guys are dealing with are unique. Many are simply the problems of living. We are there for both types of problems. None of the workers at Emmaus work outside their area of training. This is a supportive community. It is not a counseling center.

Chris and I make a run over to Our Lady of Lourdes. They have some food donations for us. I also make a delivery over to Jesus People USA. It is an active day.

That evening I work on my blog. We at Kaio gather and watch the last episode of the season of “24”. Tomorrow there will be a potential art intern here. She will stay with us for the evening and interview with the folks downstairs. It wasn’t that long ago that I was doing that!

I can’t wait to go home but I sure will miss this place and these folks.

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