Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Emmaus: Day Fifteen

I get up and go to church. I am moving slow because I am a little tired. The service is great. I then catch up on some of my reading and I talk to Cathi on the phone.

When I get down to the Ministry Center I am surprised. It is a really slow day, the day before was hectic. However, our setting is like a family. Families fluctuate in their involvement and energy level. The guys that do show up today have things to work on and thy work.

After the Center closes we have an Emmaus Staff meeting. I really enjoy how much this group works as a team. I like how they keep the guys in their prayers. This is not just a job for anyone here.

We have a guest with us, a potential intern from Indian Wesleyan. She is an art student and is considering the art internship.

After the meeting Brandon make dinner. This is Kaio Community night and we all eat together. I am surprised, Brandon is a fantastic cook. We have wraps but with so many different condiments and fillings. Afterwards Nicole leads our discussion. She takes us downstairs to the Community Center, lights candles and turns off the lights. She leads us in Christian contemplation. The focus is on noise. It was great.

We then go upstairs and Brandon serves dessert, pound cake and strawberries and whip cream. Nicole, the intern and I then walk to the lake. We sit by Montrose harbor looking at the oats and the skyline of downtown. We go and sit on the rocks. After a very relaxing night we return back to Emmaus and Doug and I leave for outreach.

Outreach was also quiet tonight. That gives Doug and I time to talk about the programs, the needs and the direction of the ministry. I get to process some of my training. We do talk to a few guys but all in all it was a laid back night.

I get back after 3:00 A.M., eat and go to bed. It has been a long day.

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