Thursday, May 14, 2009

Emmaus: Day Ten

I did not get up in time for church. I was doing outreach last night so I slept until 9 AM. I talked with Cathi for a while. Then I walked over to the lake. I had not been to the lake since I got here.

There was the hill that was the site for the vigil after John Lennon was killed. There was the hospital that Fritz Perl died in. There was the park. People were playing soccer, riding bikes, running and playing with their kids or walking their dogs. Birds were singing, boats were on the lake and the trees were in full blossom. What a great way to start the morning.

I walked from Wilson to Montrose harbor. This is a great harbor. It is home to the Corinthian Yacht Club, one of many such clubs in Chicago.You can see the boats, the lake and you can see the skyline of downtown. I love it here.

Then I discover the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary. This is new. When I was a kid this was the site of surface to air missiles to shot down Soviet bombers. When I was a teen the base was closed and taken over by Native Americans. As an adult it was part of the park system. However, this is new and I love it.

It is 15 acres of shrubs, trees, grasses, trails, bird watchers with great cameras and birds. Lots and lots of birds. When I get to the shore I am in for another surprise. They built up a sand dune. Not for humans but for more birds and the gulls are showing how happy they are.

After a wonderful walk I go to the Ministry Center. It is more of the same which is OK with me because I love it. Afterwards we have a Ministry Center staff meeting. Lynette talks about her ministry to our guys in jail. We get updates on the Endurance Ride, a fund raiser that is coming up. Then our shift is over.

I go to Our Lady of Lourdes with Chris for Mass and adoration. Finally, the other members of Kiao Community go visit a friend. I now have a quiet night to myself. Tomorrow I cook for the Ministry Center. But tonight I chill!

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