Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Emmaus Ministries: Day One

Welcome Back Home My Son

Well, I started my internship at Emmaus Ministries. I took Amtrak to Union station and the Purple and Red lines to Wilson and here I am!

The place has been busy from the beginning. I briefly met with members of my community and unpacked. I got a brief orientation and then I was at the Ministry Center. I worked with homeless male prostitutes. There could not have been a more diverse group of people. There are far too many paths to take to end up selling yourself to get through the night. Issues of ability, skills, history of abuse or mental illness and personal health issues were different with each guy.

What is also clear is this is a place that cares deeply about “their guys”. So the first day I saw guys do their laundry, clean up, help prepare a meal, get mail and make social-service plans. We ate a communal, family-style dinner together. They had group, they did chores.

This is a great place. The walls are covered with murals, the chapel reflects a diverse Christian heritage. The workers and volunteers care about their job and one another.

I went to a staff meeting. This ended with the staff giving a birthday party for a street guy (not part of our mission at all) that included cake and song! I then watched training tapes and began to read the material related to working with male prostitution.

That evening I ate with the Kaio community. Then we played and talked together. This was a time of using ice-breakers to get to know one another. That was followed by community prayer. Finally, Chris, my roomie, and I went to a church for adoration.

The neighborhood has changed greatly over the decades. There are cafes, African and Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants, Buddhist temples. It is a multi ethnic neighborhood and a hood with the very poor and with professionals. As I was getting ready to go to bed Nicole was getting ready to do outreach. So, it has been a busy day.

Wednesday I will go to Mass at St. Mary’s of the Lake for 8 AM Mass. Then I will work from 10-3:00 at the Ministry Center. That evening I will work outreach from 10 PM to 3 AM. I suspect this blog will not contain any photos or video until after I return home.

Peace and all Good,

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