Monday, May 11, 2009

Emmaus: Day Seven

Today was one of those days that showed the importance of the Ministry Center. There were 12 guys here today. They had health problems, housing issues and a host of other worries. Some were tired, others anxious and pacing, two were clearly irritable. And then the routine set in. They made their daily goals. They went to group. They read scripture, prayed and ate lunch. Some showered, others did laundry. They checked out their mail and they did their chores.

This place is an oasis of normalcy in a sea of chaos. We, the staff and volunteers are models. We don’t model how to “do it right” but rather how wounded people can make healthier choices.

The day wasn’t all about the Ministry Center. I attended an in-service by a Pastoral Counselor. In the evening I went to an Ethiopian restaurant, that was very different. No utensils, just eating with your hand, your right hand.

I am taking it easy tonight because tomorrow will be a long day.

Peace and all Good,

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