Saturday, June 6, 2009

Collegium on Faith and Intellectual Life: Day One

Today was a day of travel. I got up early, Cathi had me at the airport by 7:00. Then I flew from Fort Wayne to Chicago and then onto Minneapolis. My luggage arrived an hour after I did but, hey, at least it got there!

The ride up to St. John’s University took about an hour and forty-five minutes. We clearly left the urban sprawl.

The campus is something else. There are three lakes. There are 3200 acres of trees, buildings, statues and wildlife. Cathi could hear all the birds singing when she talked to me on the phone.

I met all five of the six mentors I will be working with. The last one arrives tomorrow morning. We are staying in these very nice apartments.

At six we went into town for dinner. We ate at a Mediterranean restaurant. The restaurant had chandeliers, statues, pillars and arcs and draperies. We were in our own room. Most of the folks had grouper with shrimp and pomegranate sauce. I had a Moroccan dish that made my nostrils burn from the inside out. My face was on fire. Four hours later I could still taste it. It was a spicy lamb and beef stew. Now I can say I have tasted Moroccan food, time to move on!

I spent the remainder of the evening reading materials for collegiums and exploring the campus. This will be a great week.

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