Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Saint John's Univesity: Around Campus

The campus was wonderful. It was full of wonderful lines, curves, bricks, stone and statues. There were gardens everywhere. The campus smelled of blossoms.

Each building had its own secrets to tell you. Handmade bricks, the Saint john Bible, the Liturgical Press, pottery, pendulums. Each turn lead to a different vista and another reason to smile.

This campus was surrounded by trees, lakes, birds, deer, turtles and the memories of the First Americans. This was a special place and time.

Saint John’s University Campus

Outside of the Great Hall

There were visitors throughout the week. There were local and regional conferences. There were young college students. There were monks and sisters. And yet, despite all of this activity this was a quiet place

Inside the Great Hall

Between the trails, the apartments, the classroom buildings and the many, many chapels there was God. God was waiting to be discovered, to be listened to and to be with.

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