Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Faces of Emmaus Ministries

This is why I know the coming year for Emmaus Ministries will be a good year. As John readies for sabbatical he chose Jonathan Hancock to be acting director. As you will see, he is the right man person for the job. He has commitment to Emmaus. He knows the issues. He has pastoral training. However, what comes out clearly is his commitment, his passion for the well-being of the staff of Emmaus. You want a business or mission to succeed you value its primary assets. In this case those assets are the staff.

Jonathan Hancock Associate Executive Director of Emmaus Ministries

One of those staff members that is so highly valued is Doug Van Ramshorst. He is the director of Outreach. His personal style, his professionalism and his comfort with diversity makes him a valuable member of the team. I loved working with Doug.

I will introduce more staff members in the days to come.

Doug and Emmaus Ministries Outreach

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