Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Little Chapel on the Lake

One of our favorite hikes was to the other side of Lake Sag. There we would enter the Chapel of Mary, Star of the Lake or the Stella Maris Chapel on Lake Sagatagan. The chapel is directly across from the Grotto. To get there you have to hike and hike and hike! The trails are beautiful. You could also take a canoe there, it has a dock.

The chapel is simple. No seats just stain glass windows and a statue. However, the windows are of fish and water, there is also a rose window with a large star. The statue is of Mary about five months pregnant.

I was able to get to the chapel three times while I was there. Each time was an adventure. Each time was different. I hope to visit the chapel again in the future.

Chapel and Monastery Cemetery

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