Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Brothers and Sisters

The campus was full of life. Not just students and professors or monks, sisters and the occasional friar. Life was everywhere to be found. When I spoke with Cathi on the phone she could hear all of the birds singing. As you walked by the shore you could see fish swimming near the shore.

Deer on the Trail in the Morning

In the morning and the early evening you could see deer eating grasses and watching you. There were squirrel, chipmunks, every variety of bird and there were turtles, boy was there turtles.

Sally the Turtle

At times it was difficult to get from one place to another because our brothers and sisters just had to be spoken to and so we did. And of course they listened and sometimes talked back to us.

This Benedictine Abbey and campus was a wonderful place to be Franciscan!

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