Monday, June 29, 2009

Thoughts on Emmaus Ministry

Well, I am done writing about Collegium 2009. It was wonderful and I hope to hear from other participants or as they are now known as, Collegium Fellows. In the coming days and weeks I will get caught up on talking about Emmaus Ministry in Chicago.

Now I did a lot of blogging about my training experience at Emmaus. However, I did not have the video ready. I am still hoping that the photos I took can be recovered. However, even without the photos there is enough to talk about.

I felt a real connection between Emmaus Ministry in Chicago and Saint John’s University and Collegium. Sure the experiences were very different. However, the experience of getting to know God in our limited capacity, of struggling to be humble, of recognizing we are all made in the image of God connected both places.

My fondness for Emmaus is not just working with the guys, it is working with the staff. This was an ecumenical staff that got it. They got that it was important to recognize all we as Christians of various traditions have in common. They got that we are to go out into all the world. They got they we are all broken and yet all worth loving.

This ministry owes its mission, roots and energy to its founder, Deacon John Green. He shared his family with us. He gave direction and support. John will be taking a sabbatical for a year. However, because of his commitment to this ministry Emmaus will be left in good hands. It will be a good year.

Deacon John Green Talking About Emmaus Ministry

I never knew which aspect of Emmaus I loved more. There was the Ministry Center which was open to our guys daily. At the Center the guys could get their mail, take showers, do laundry and have a home cooked meal. They worked on goals, they did chores and made a contribution. It was a great place.

The Ministry Center of Emmaus Ministry

There was outreach in which we went to the streets from 10 PM to 3 AM letting guys know about Emmaus. It was a supportive, respectful ministry. The guys knew we were there to help and not preach at them.

There was Kiao Community on the third floor. The community consisted of interns who made a year commitment to the ministry. I lived with Kiao for a month and it was a great experience I will never forget.

So, this is what the videos will be about in the coming days. Hopefully it will also include photos be even without I will love remembering my friend and brothers and sisters in Chicago.

Peace and all Good,

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