Thursday, June 25, 2009

Every Job is an Important Job

Our visit to the College of Saint Benedict was great. It was fascinating to see how these two very different schools with different cultures interacted. They had a shared curriculum. They had shared Benedictine values. Both had monasteries. However, they were also very different. One school was in town, the other in the woods. One was male, the other female. One very modern architecture, the other traditional

We took a bus to get from one campus to the other. Our bus driver was John Doman. One of our members asked him how he liked his job. I remember his answer, "I can't believe I get paid to do this." He loved his job.

John told us he took the job to fill some time. Before he knew it he fell in love with spending time with young folks. he started giving quizzes on the bus, trivia tests. The winner would get a DumDum sucker. The students would compete for the prize and become energetic. I though perhaps he exaggerated. Then he told us that as time went by his students graduated. They would then call him and ask him to drive for their weddings and reactions, but only if he promised to play the trivia games while driving!

It was great meeting John. It was a clear reminder that what is important is relationship. And now I discovered a brief video clip of John, enjoy.

Bus driver offers trivial pursuit aboard campus shuttle

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