Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Christmas Daycation in the Fort

When I got home there was so much to catch up on. However, there were also people to see. Two of those people were my great-great-niece Trinity and my great-great-nephew Andre. Cathi suggested we spend a day in the Fort just visiting a few of our museums. It sounded good to me.

So we gathered up the kids and off we went. Our first stop was to one of my favorite museums in the city, the African African-American Museum. They have wonderful displays, great collections, impressive archives and the friendliest staff.

African African-American Museum in Fort Wayne

I like the African Room and all the information on the crossing. The kids liked the hands-on aspect of the displays.

African African-American Museum: Inventors

I also like the room dedicated to African-American inventors. The profiles are all drawn by local talent and the list of inventions goes on and on. We spent time in each room. Our guide was this wonderful man full of facts and stories.

Next we went to the Fire Fighters Museum. It is across the street from the library and close to the baseball field. The museum is great. The kids loved all of the old fie trucks.

Fire Fighter Museum Fort Wayne

Trinity as a Fire Fighter

However, they particularly liked dressing up as fire fighters!

Andre as a Fire Fighter

The museum is next to the Allen County Public Library. This is one of the kids favorite plces to visit. Thelibrary shows movies, hosts concerts, has a world famous geneology department, a great Licokn collect and stuff for kids. Boy do they have stuff for kids. The have a huge play room, a computer lab, and lounging areas for young patrons. So when we saw the library from the window of the museum we knew we would be visiting soon.

View of the Allen County Public Library for 2nd Floor of Fire Fighter Museum

As we got ready to leave we took a last look at all of the old equipment, the trucks, communications systems, and the medical response equipment. This is one cool little museum.

Emergency Response Vehicles at Fire Fighter Museum

So we took a break from museum hoping. We spent some time playing at the library, we went out to eat. We rested and then it was on to the next stop!

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