Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Christmas Daycation Part II

After lunch and a break we went to Andre’s favorite place in the city, the botanical Gardens. I like it because of the waterfall and the fact it is across the street from my church. He likes it because for a young child it is like entering a fantasy-land.

The main hall has a display that is changed each season. Sometimes it is a butterfly farm, other times a story book theme. This season it is Santa’s Workshop. I‘m guessing that with all those elves working look hours to make all those presents Santa’s workshop never smelled at nice as this one!

Fort Wayne Botanical Gardens Christmas 2011: Santa's Workshop

I like the tropical habitat. When I take Tai Chi I often begin my warm-ups in this room. What a great place for medication in motion. The kids love the waterfall and the fish pond.

Fort Wayne Botanical Gardens Christmas 2010: The Tropics

Afer spending time in Arizona nobody is ever going to convince me deserts are not fascinating! I love them and I especially love the cacti and succulents.

Fort Wayne Botanical Gardens Christmas 2010: The Desert Country

After playing in the humid tropics and the dry heat of the desert the kids needed to cool off. So we went outsides to play! During the spring and summer the courtyard is a beautiful outdoor garden and café. It is a great place to eat, to be at for concerts and to view city fire works. Today it was an excuse for the kids to play in the snow.

Fort Wayne Botanical Gardens Christmas 2011: Outdoor Courtyard

The view of the skyscape is nice in the yard. The baseball field, the cathedral, and the Hilton all demand your attention.

Fort Wayne Botanical Gardens Christmas 2011: The Trojan Horse

So the kids played outside while Cathi and I tried to stay warm. They spent time going down a slide. Just the thought of it makes my backside cold!

Fort Wayne Botanical Gardens Christmas 2011: Andre and Trinity
So that was our Daycation. It was a nice way to get back in touch with the sights and sounds of the city. It was great to spend time with the kids and even better hearing Cathi laugh. The day also reminded me of just a few reason of why I like this city so much. It was good to be home.

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