Thursday, April 21, 2011

MLK Day 2011 at USF: Part I On Campus

It was exciting and strange to begin my academic teaching year in January. However, the nice thing about the Spring term is that one week into it is Martin Luther King Day. It is a wonderful way to be reminded of how much service our students do for their community. I think the idea of the day being “a day on not a day off” and being designed to be a day of service is inspiring. Our faculty and staff spend the year planning activities. The students get involved and finally on the day we have students all over the city making a difference. That is pretty cool and a great way to begin the term.

This year was no different. We started the day off with an assembly and a time of worship. It reminds every body why we are here and what makes this holiday different from the others.

"Here in This Place", MLK Day 2011 Service at USF

The worship service was not intimate. It was held in Gunderson instead of North Campus or the Campus Ministry building. Still, it was well organized, well attended and the students did a good job of leading the service.

MLK Day 2011 at USF: Worship

Afterward student, staff and faculty broke into service teams. Some of the projects were on campus and many were in the community. One project on campus was the making of blankets. I ws surprised how organized, methodical and yet cheerful everyone was.

MLK Day 2011 at USF: Making Blankets

The focus was not just on service, it was on community. To that end, having activities that could involve as many people as possible was important. One of those activities was an art project for youth led by USF students. It was popular and fun and some of the art looked pretty darn good!

MLK Day at USF 2011: the generations

Finally, it was a holiday. That meant fun was in order. So while lots of folks worked some also shot hoops. I mean, what is a holiday without either football or basketball?

MLK Day 2011 at USF: shooting hoops, well, it is a holiday!

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