Thursday, April 21, 2011

Going Home, Yes, Going Home

I completed my sabbatical at Emmaus Ministries on December 17. I found myself thinking often about military families. I was never in any danger. My time away from Cathi was only four months and I could talk to her daily. Still that was the longest we had been apart since 1974! I found myself really empathizing with all that military families go through. My separation was just an inconvenience and the result of a wonderful experience. Trusts me, I was packed and waiting anxiously in the office for Cathi to pick me up.

Now, for sure I was not looking forward to leaving my friends at Emmaus and Kaio. I was afraid my life in the Fort was going to be boring. I did not want to say good bye to Kodi. Never-the-less, I was ready to be back home.

We did not hit the road right away. First we did a little shopping. Cathi said she knew she was in Chicago when the grocery store had a parking garage! Next we drove to our niece’s house for a visit.

This was to be our Christmas time with Cathi’s side of the family. We started the sabbatical off visiting our nephew Josh. It seemed appropriate we end the sabbatical at his sister’s house. Originally the plan was to visit with Erica, Bert and their three daughters, Nora, Olivia and Emmie and spend the night. However, I was too anxious to get home. We had a great visit. We ate together and then we hit the road.

Part of what made the visit so nice was that it was clearly transitional for me. I was leaving street ministry to reentering my life. That became clear while sitting at Erica and Burt’s house and being entertained by their daughters. This was not he serious stuff of the last four months. This was the stuff that made life such a joy.

The Hade-Rodriquez Dance Company

We watched Nora, Olivia and Emmy dance, sing, fall over and argue with one another. It was a joy to see them take their performance so seriously.

Delicate Flowers Dancing

At the end the girls gave us each a “program” that they signed and kissed. Cathi still has hers. So tht was it. Shortly afterward we were on the road. Not much longer and we entered Indiana. It was a wonderful, rich four months. There will be so much to process while adjusting to “normal” life. There will be so much more to do related to the sabbatical. However, for now all I had to think about was going home to my family, my cats and my turtle Brother Leo.

The Troika Prepares

Yep, nothing helps you get back to reality more than family and kids.

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