Friday, March 20, 2009

The H2O Project

I am a Secular Franciscan, well almost. My final profession is in two months. Anyway, our fraternity is participating in The H2o Project. We are working with Franciscan Youth USA.

I brought the project to our Graduate Psychology Club, they are now participating in the H2o Project. A number of my undergrads are also taking the pledge, only drinking tap water and thinking about people they may never know but whom they are determined to help.

So, like last year I am thinking about and desiring pop, lattes, malts, merlot, mead even soy milk! Why, because I am only drinking water. Why? So my very mild discomfort will remind me of those who suffer daily. The moneys we would have all spent on drinks during a two week period will now be used to build wells.

This is a great project. To learn more about The H2O Project and how you can participate watch the video below.

Peace and all Good,

The H2O Project

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