Thursday, March 5, 2009

Preparing for Workfest 2009: Servants not Saviors

Well, we had our orientation today. We are all getting ready for our mission trip, Workfest 2009. We know we need to be sensitive to one another, to be respectful. We know we need to treat one another as brothers and sisters because that is what we are.

That may prove to be the easy part. The more difficult part will be to remain servants. The challenge will be to remain servants who are willing to learn from the people we think we are helping. The challenge will be to be humble and not think we have the answer, to not think that we are superior. The challenge will be to remain open to receiving, to be the ones who learn, to be willing to also be cared for and recognize that transformation is rarely an individual phenomena.

We accomplish that by empathizing and not sympathizing. We walk in their shoes, put ourselves in their place, see with their eyes. And we pray.

Give Me Your Eyes: Brandon Heath

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