Saturday, March 21, 2009

Workfest 2009: Five Miles From Nowhere

OK, let's be clear here. I am not a photo journalist. When the music started I was not in the room, the lens was on the camera and then when I finally got the lens open I did not know how to use "automatic focus"! So, why upload this clip then? Because once you get past the first few seconds it is fun to see how quickly the students get involved. They sang, they danced up front, they got everyone else to dance. It was terrific.

Besides, by setting the standards so low this year (see, this was my plan all along!) I will look terrific next year. I am sure that next year, out of a class of one, I will be the most improved movie maker at Workfest!

Five Miles From Nowhere (remember, you have to listen to this one for a number of seconds before the picture shows up!)

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