Saturday, March 21, 2009

Workfest 2009: Just Because You’re Over 30 Doesn't Mean You Can't Sing!

Oh, people who have lived in the world singing. These are the folks that on campus would be referred to as “non traditional” students, in other words, over 30. And here they are singing and doing a pretty good job of it. The couple is William and Mary. William was my roommate, his wife lived over the hill in the woman’s area. They are from the University of Florida Gainesville. They are active, very active, in the St. Augustine parish. Jim is a retired firefighter from Wisconsin who is currently a chaplain for NASCAR, that is cool. The other woman with all of the enthusiasm is Anna Wright from Aquinas College. Anyway, just because we appreciate a little fiber in our diet doesn’t mean we can’t sing and move our booty!

Seniors Singing, William and Mary, Jim Z. and Anna Wright

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