Saturday, March 21, 2009

Workfest 2009: Day Four

Workfest 2009: Day Four, this was a day of concentrated work. We all wanted to get as much done as possible. Everybody's dream was to get the entire job done before our week was over. This was not a realistic dream but it sure was motivating.

Today was special for a number of different reasons. First, every devotion is better than the last, it is great. Also, after dinner and devotions we had Mass. Many chose to use their free time to visit the area but the Catholics among us, and there were many, went to Mass. It was beautiful and for me, none too soon. I really like worshiping with everyone else but I also miss the real presence, so tonight was great. After Mass there was a bonfire. This was classic, crisp air, a sky full of stars and guitar music and singing.

However, there was one other reason tonight was so special, we had vegetables, oh did we have vegetables

Gone is the time that worrying about the earth was someone else’s problems. Christians are not leaving the care of the earth for the end times. Instead, there is a growing conviction that to not care for creation would be to insult a generous Creator. So, Workfest is making the appropriate changes and in the process making sure they are using less, recycling more and not using what they don’t need to use. Francis would be proud!

That means we all carry our water bottle with us and we fill it up each day. That means the amount of trash has dramatically and visually been reduced. That also means that one day a week is “Vegetarian Day”. This is really a learning/teaching tool. It is to teach us about how much more fuel and hence pollution it takes to produce meat products than vegetables. The goal is not to turn us into vegetarians but rather to have us all consider reducing our meat intake.

The supper was great, stuffed baked potatoes, ravioli, three vegetable soups, salads and desert. Some of the leaders complained but the kitchen staff was proud of their selections and the students loved it. I don’t know if Vegetarian Day will survive but I know attempting it was the right thing to do, a camp full of college students should not be afraid to educate! Go Veggies!

Vegetarian Night

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