Thursday, March 26, 2009

Workfest 2009: Day Six

Well, this was our last morning at Workfest 2009. Breakfast was not until 8:00, people got to sleep a little longer! I however, got up at 5:00, showered, packed my belongs in the van and had my last morning coffee and talk with the men by the fire. It was great.

We had a simple breakfast and a short devotion. Then each school was given cleaning assignments. We had the lodge with two other schools. We were done with our chores within 30 minutes. We packed the vans and then…one last snowball fight with the remaining schools. It was a great ending. Then it was on the road, quiet, tired but oh so pleased with what we had all accomplished and what we had all learned.

University of Saint Francis where are you, “Right here, right here!”

Last Morning at Camp Caleb and Workfest 2009

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