Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Workfest 2009: The University of Saint Francis

I am most grateful for our wonderful University of Saint Francis team. We were diverse, talented, smart, funny and just a great team.

We had Wendy Clark from Nursing, Pam Lord from the Sciences and I am in Psychology. That was a strong and balanced faculty team.

Rachel DeKold, a peer minister was a whirl wind of activity. She was always laughing, singing and working. Best of all, she has decided to come back next year as a long-term volunteer for CAP. Siti Norazilah Mohd Said, or Nora worked, sang and taught us how to be faithful to one’s self. We also got to see America through her eyes and that was refreshing. Rosemary Morman was this tiny student who never stopped working. Her team leaders were amazed at her commitment. She also could not stop dancing! Bonny Swiderski is a nursing student, an Army vet and a musician. Best of all she was a great team member who shared her life and dreams with us.

Annette Wellman is a theology student. She was always smiling, processing, participating in devotions and working with her team. She was the kind of person others found easy to open up to. Sara Schlotterback was a vet of CAP. She was with us last year. She is full of energy, ideas and wit. I hope she keeps coming back, as a student and then as a volunteer. Jesse Underwood is our other graduate student. He and Nora are both in the Mental Health Counseling program. Everybody who came in contact with Jesse liked him. He took it all in, tried to experience everything there was to offer, except dancing to Blue Grass.

This was the A Team of School teams.

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