Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Workfest 2009: Green Team 2 FOREVER

We had a great team. We had Anmarie Reed from St. Joseph’s College in Maine. She was a psychology major so of course you know she’s smart! She was smart, bubbly, a real worker and fun to be around. We had Mary Jo Stanton also from St. Joe. This was a nursing student who was dedicated to helping others. If she ever stopped smiling I never noticed.

There was Laura Teague from Aquinas College. She knew abut everything, I want her to be on my team when we play Trivial Pursuit. She was always working, problem-solving and soaking in the experiences of the week.

Victoria Glynn was from American University. She was a sophisticated young woman with a bright mind and a wonderful voice. I suspect we will all read about her in the coming years.

Kevin Liftig was from the University of Connecticut or UConn. He was always working, on a ladder, on the roof, with the saws. He also shared, laughed and sang. He had a great voice and a keen mind.

Erin Schlicher was from Michigan State. She was always smiling, helping, encouraging. She was always hammering something. You want your room paneled, call Erin!

Madeline Zecman from the University of Florida was a blast. She was an athlete, a dancer, a student and a worker. Best of all, she was just plain fun to be around.

Finally, there was Bonnie Swiderski from USF. She is a nursing student, an Army vet who served in Iraq and a singer working on cutting a CD. She was funny, serious, and a pilgrim on a journey.

I loved our team. Along with our leaders, Tony, Don, Mike, and Tiffany we clearly had the best team at Camp Caleb.

Green Team Two FOREVER!!!

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